MRI Houston

Lowest MRI Houston price in town. We have 15 locations. One location in South Houston is $350, 14 locations is $490. Fax Script & Call to Schedule

When you need the best diagnostic radiology and imaging center in Houston, look to us. Over 15 locations throughout the Houston metropolitan area means there is MRI testing center near you.

Scheduling is as easy as picking up the phone or faxing your script. Our team will promptly schedule you an appointment at the most convenient location. Most of the time we can even get you in immediately.

Simply call 281-912-3910 or Fax your prescription to 281-940-4401

In addition to convenience, MRI of Houston offers the lowest cash prices on MRI, CT and ESI, so if you’re uninsured you can afford the medical diagnostics you need. Insurance plans of every kind are welcomed at each of our Houston MRI centers.

When your doctor needs answers, don’t delay, and don’t pay more than you have to for CT, ESI and MRI testing in Houston. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

Please don’t worry about your high deductibles in the new world of the Affordable Health Care Act.  With the lowest MRI Houston cash price around, this will enable those in need of the diagnostic test to be able to afford it with payment plans available as well.  Fight back and be in control as Americans; pay the cash price instead of the outrageously high deductible quote from the insurance provider.  Then send the insurance company the bill and advise them to subtract the amount from the remaining deductible for the year.

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MRI Houston is here to assist and resolve your problems and provide solutions to your diagnostic needs.