About Us

We Are a Family

We are a very close family at MRI of Houston.  We promote a family environment and respectfully strive to treat patients just like one of our own.

We accept all insurance and with over 15 convenient locations, our family is confident that we can assure your experience will be efficient and as comfortable as possible.  We are passionate about alleviating the hassles associated with advanced diagnostic radiology & imaging. To us, you are a member of the family, not just another number!

Since our family knows that we are all patients at one time or another, we understand how you deserve to be treated.  Although this diagnostic exam might be new to you, our team will ease any of your concerns or anxiety, and might even be able to make it a fun experience in its own right.

Once your script is received via fax, you will immediately receive a phone call from our staff thoroughly explaining your test’s step by step procedure beforehand, as well as any other answers you need.


Professional Assistance

Our services provide pre-authorization for all diagnostics and handles all the necessities needed to schedule, transport and complete patient exams and tests.

Whether you are a physician or medical clinic with patients in need of an MRI, CT, Bone Scan, etc., or a patient seeking a facility close to home or your work, you will find fast unsurpassed family care and service.  Our unique, compassionate approach to care enhances your experience, especially when backed by state-of-the-art technology.

The MRI Houston team prioritizes your relaxation and comfort, as well as keeping you informed, briefed and advised of the test and the exam process at every step of the way.