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Certificate of Accreditation Awarded to Berg Diagnostics

Pharmabiz explains it well in a truly detailed article.  Boston based Berg Diagnostics received the CLIA Certificate of Accreditation which is the Massachusetts Clinical Laboratory Licensure and Certificate of Registration under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment.

For the layman, this achievement has established that the company has a sound foundation of quality and management and also positions Berg Diagnostics to enable program design for discovery and diagnostics.  The article goes on further to state that future revenues are increased using partnership agreements commercializing their intellectual ownings. 

The company can now expand to using companion Diagnostics to gain insight into the patterns of drug reactions for one.  The diagnostic development is endless with their bioanlytical, cutting edge instrumentation and technological platforms.  The diagnostic results from these developments not only positively postilions the business but also creates findings that physicians can utilize to employ specific medical care.  The doctors can also use the results for disease management which puts the Berg Company in a position to be the imminent market leader, 


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