FAQ’s and Prices Lowest Price MRI in Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my test cost?

MRI tests can be as little as $350 at our 15 Houston Locations, but everybody’s case is different. The cost of your diagnostics and imaging services largely depends on what kind of test the doctor ordered, your insurance and financial situation, and other factors. We do offer the lowest price MRI in Houston for cash-paying patients only $350, Call 281-912-3910 or fax your script to 281-940-4401 (we’ll call you right away) to discuss your test and learn more about cost and financial arrangements.

What insurance does MRI of Houston accept?

Utilizing our combined locations, MRI of Houston accepts all insurance and cash plans including all major healthcare, worker’s compensation, auto accidents, medicare and medicaid.

How much is the cash price for a MRI?

You will find that the big name locations like Mammoth Huge charge outrageous costs for diagnostic studies when compared to MRI of Houston. Our family philosophy is to charge the lowest MRI price in Houston and to provide easy payment plans amid this struggling economy. Please note the price list below for more details.

Where are your facilities located?

With more than 15 convenient locations extending beyond the city, MRI of Houston is confident that we can schedule your appointment the same day at a facility close to your home or work.

I don’t have transportation, can you help me?

MRI of Houston will treat you like a family member and provide free transportation if needed, just like a sibling or grandmother.

I have an injury, I know I need an MRI, I don’t have a treating physician, what should I do?

MRI of Houston has been working with a variety of physicians and medical specialists for years. Our family will provide a list of Local Medical Professionals and Doctors that have proudly served the community for years.

MRI of Houston Prices
Any Body Part MRI Without Contrast $490.00
Any Body Part MRI With and Without Contrast $740.00
Any Body Part MRIWith Contrast $600.00
* MRI Without Contrast in S. Houston $350.00
* MRI With and Without Contrast in S. Houston $500.00
Any Body Part Without Contrast $230.00
Any Body Part With and Without Contrast $380.00
CT Abdomen and Pelvis Without Contrast $350.00
CT Abd and Pelvis With and Without Contrast $500.00
Any Single Body Part $750.00
Abdomen Complete $125.00
Bladder $115.00
Breast Unilateral $80.00
Breast BL $160.00
Carotid Doppler $230.00
Gallbladder $145.00
Liver $115.00
OB Complete $150.00
Pelvis / Transvaginal $250.00
Pelvis $130.00
Renal $115.00
Scrotum $95.00
Thyroid $110.00
Venous Doppler UNI $165.00
Arterial Doppler UNI $165.00
Venous / Artheral Doppler BL $230.00
Renal and Bladder $175.00
MRI Any Single Body Part $975.00
CT Any Single Body Part $900.00
Nuclear Stress Test $1,200.00
Echocardiogram $450.00
Carotid Doppler Ultrasound $230.00
3 Phase Bone Scan $340.00
Bone Scan $365.00
Bone Density $85.00
Hida Scan $350.00
PCT $1,050.00
ESI (Epidural Steroid Injection) $1,100.00
Discogram $1,100.00
Myelogram $1,200.00