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MRI ‘s in the Future ObamaCare

Don't be surprised or or enraged but a local talk show producer hit the streets last week and only 1 out of 10 commuters knew the difference between ObamaCare and the Affordable Care Act.  Ironically, the Affordable Care Act is ObamaCare.

All MRI's are essentially the same. Most facilities use the latest technology which is a 1.5T. Therefore, all prices should be the same but they aren't. Most facilities use a breakdown of expenses to arise at the cost of a MRI. This will include the radiologists fee for reading the film and creating a report, technician fees, electricity, and marketing expenses, etc. This is the type of equation that MRI facilities use to create the MRI cash price amount.

Awkwardly, If you do your research, you will find that different MRI companies ask a different price for MRIs. Also the insurance price for an MRI could run $2000-$3000 while a cash price can run $400-$1000 for one MRI scan without contrast in the Houston area. However, the cash price for a Mri in Long Island, New York, for example, might be $1000-$2000 due to increased expenses for radiologist and employees.

As I heard a gentleman discussing the other day at the local coffee shop, the Affordable Care Act is the name of Obamacare.  And while the poor will have decreased costs for insurance under the affordable care act, the middle class and the rich will have increased insurance premiums at least $1000 and up per month to offset and pay for the poor.

The deductibles will also be increased from $1000 to $10,000 and up. This will provoke and promote injured patients to seek medical care through cash services under obamacare. Consequently, this in turn will increase cash patients for MRIs across the country. Patients would rather pay $500 cash price for an MRI rather than try to pay outrageous prices to meet the $10,000 deductable.

An internet search for "Mri Houston" will provide a list of companies that can provide this diagnostic and a few less expensive than others.


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