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The ObamaCare Deductible Takes its Toll

This is an attempt to take the reader into the life of a MRI scheduler in the era of Obamacare and it’s huge deductibles.

It is the role of the MRI facility’s employee to receive the doctors prescription for the MRI and process it. This includes calling the patient to confirm receipt of the request, then contact the insurance provider for the patient to verify insurance, and to also obtain pre-approval for the diagnostic test with the patient’s insurance company. Once approved, the facility will methodically contact the patient and schedule their request.
However, while obtaining a pre-authorization for the MRI, the insurance provider will advise the facility employee if the patient hasn’t met their deductible for the year. If this is the case then the insurance provider will advise the scheduler what the patient needs to pay in cash for the diagnostics to cover or fullfill the remaining deductible.

It has been a crazy year and it is only going to get worse. The majority of patients that need to meet their deductible haven’t even come close to satisfying the total amount for the given year. The reason for this is because Obamacare deductibles are $7000 to $10,000 per year and getting worse. This is almost impossible to ever meet. When patients call and have Obamacare, they are highly discouraged, angry and infuriated due to large deductibles that are impossible to satisfy.

For example, if a MRI in Houston diagnostic test is $500 cash price, it is the norm that since the patient hasn’t met their large Obamacare deductible for the year, then the price that the patient has to pay is $1000. It doesn’t make sense that a patient should pay $1000 for the deductible for a Houston MRI when the cash price is only $500.

On a daily basis, patients call the MRI facility and release their frustration on the facility’s employees because they state they are getting scammed and their families are suffering due to Obamacare. Just think, if a bad accident were to happen to a family member and they had to come up with their $10000 deductible, then this will break most families and put them into dire straits for the year; talk about suffering – and it’s all because of the immoral healthcare that seems to only hurt good families.

The only way around these high deductibles is to take charge of your life and be the CEO for yourself and your family by calling the shots. Americans are smarter than Obama and Obamacare! The newest trend is to be in control of your insurance deductible personally. A scenario that is being used more often these days is to pay cash prices for diagnostic tests, instead of the insurance provider’s deductible price, and then send the bill to your insurance company. For instance, if the MRI cash price is $500 but the insurance provider wants the patient to pay $1000 to meet some of their deductible, then they take charge. The patient will only pay the $500 cash price, then get a receipt from the MRI facility and subsequently send it to the insurance company and advise them to subtract the $500 from the current balance due on the deductible. This puts the patient in charge and allows them to pay a lower rate than what the insurance provider is demanding.

It is becoming commonplace to research and complete due diligence these days especially with burdens of a new healthcare system: Fight back with knowledge and action and don’t hesitate to contact us at MRI Houston.